The Houston E.A Foundation is 501-3c organization created for the sole purpose of giving student athletes a solid academic foundation along with proper techniques in athletics.  Since 1997, our program has helped over 150 kids receive an athletic and academic scholarship from various colleges and universities around the country.

The vision of the program is to showcase talent from Houston’s best inner-city youth.   The E.A Program was structured to offer boys and girls ages 10 to 18, a chance towards achieving academic and athletic success.  As members of the Elite team, athletes have the opportunity to compete in advanced level competition around the country.



Mission Statement:


Houston E.A Foundation is dedicated to helping young men and women develop the necessary skills to achieve their maximum potential academically and athletically. This is an organization that assist youth program builds character and self esteem through education and sports at the highest level. Our Education and Athletic program provides each participant equal opportunity for academic achievement and guidance needed for the college selection process.




To assist Youth with tutoring during group mentoring sessions, while placing an emphasis on the importance of academic achievement.  Life Skills development will play a vital role in the ability of these children to make the right decisions when faced with difficult choices.  Through motivation building activities and group disclosure sessions, children will enhance their self-confidence by sharing their goal and ideas, developing positive relationships with their peers, and immersing themselves in extra-curricular activities.  Implementation will be the final component of the program, and will include critical thinking, problem - solving and team building games and exercises




       Houston E.A. Foundation

                                                                  “Living The Dream Is Easy When You Have Good People Behind Your Efforts.”