Southwest Exposure Camp  

Dates May 2024


SW Exposure Camp Link
A Hired Cleaning Company will be on site to ensure to safety of parents and players

Rcs Sports and Nelson Brand Sports have collaborated to provide a very viable SAFE and well organized solution.  Approximately 40 players will be invited to showcase their skills right here in H-Town in front of D2, D3, NAIA & JUCO coaches while each game is streamed live to D1 Coaches and the world wide web via BallerTV.  
 This gives the prospects a fighting chance to move the needle on their recruitment at a pivotal time of their high school career.  We will have a recap of each session circulated to the D1 coaches (for FREE).  Meaning, since D1 coaches can't attend, a summary of SWEC top performers each day will be comprised and distributed by email to College Coaches
This covid19 pandemic could yield the D1 coaches a chance to identify additional names to place on their Fall Recruiting Campus visit list.  If you think for a minute D1 coaches won't be flocking into Greater Houston during the September and October contact period, you had better think again.  Plus, reality is reality and all 80 campers who participate in the SWEC will NOT sign D1 letters of intent (and those non D1 coaches are very much aware of this fact).  But this is one way to keep their dream alive and exercise their right to do so.  

Lastly, any time a live D1 event takes place, there will be aspiring Non D1 coaches in attendance seeking to network for future D1 job considerations.  This aligns right within the "Dog - Cat - Rat - Cheese" theory.  Just think about it, and save me the effort of explaining it to you at this time.  Point is, there WILL BE PLENTY college coaches representing Junior Colleges, D2, D3 and NAIA programs in attendance at the SWEC, because there will be lots of prospects for them to evaluate without having D1 coaches steal their thunder.  If this particular week goes well, the city of Houston could be rocking in late July and college coaches regardless of their level, will get plenty of bang for their buck.

 For more info (camp coaches, invite criteria, fees, etc) on the SouthWest Exposure Camp, send email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.